Compact Training


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Since 1992, we have been training people in the Musicosophia Method of Listening in Germany and abroad. With the help of the Musicosophia Method, you will learn to bring your listening-musicality and your creative possibilities to full development. You do not need any previous musical knowledge.

The listening-musicality is a property of the utmost importance for trained musicians as well as for lay listeners. Listening and communication are among the most important competences, especially in educational and social occupations as well as for business executives. For all of them, training in listening according to the Musicosophia Method is invaluable, both for their careers and their personal development.

On request, we issue a certificate of attention. Thus, the seminars can be recognized as in-service further education.

The COMPACT Training consists of two modules:
Module 1: BASIScourse
Module 2: UPGRADEcourse

For further information please contact us:
Telephone: +49 (0) 7660 – 581