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Conscious Listening as an Opportunity

EThrough the Musicosophia Method, your child will discover on its own and playfully the music of the great masters. It thus develops an immediate and spontaneous relationship to classical music. Conscious listening to music promotes the ability to absorb and to concentrate, noticeably balances the emotions and has an inspirational effect on many areas of life. The melorhythmic gestures comply with the children’s natural urge to move and harmonize their movements. Due to its universal character, the Musicosophia Method is also accessible to children who grow up in other cultures.

The Musicosophia Method for Children

The Musicosophia method is suitable for both schoolchildren and preschool children. The children hum, sing and paint the music and playfully move their hands according to the music. Thus they experience the music anew and go through it comprehensively. The imagination and the thinking of the children are stimulated, all senses are refined. The children find a new way to themselves and are thus more balanced.

Watch the video from the last Musicosophia Children’s Seminar

The Educational Concept

Musical summer weeks for children parents and teachers
In a relaxed atmosphere children, parents and teachers playfully discover the music of the great masters.

  • In the morning, children and adults experience the music together.
  • The afternoon is free for hiking, excursions and outdoor games.
  • In the evenings, children and adults form separate groups.

Further education seminars for teachers and parents
In these seminars, the basics of conscious listening to music as well as its educational application are elaborated. They are offered in Germany and abroad in the form of day or weekend seminars.



Courses for teachers and parents
Here, the participants are systematically familiarized with the basics of the Musicosophia Method and with the variety of musical phenomena and are encouraged to develop their own creative approach to music. Further information: Training
The dates of the courses can be found in our calendar.