Methode 0v03
The Musicosophia Method is a method of listening developed especially for the musical layman by the well-known Romanian musicologist George Balan. Its approach to understanding music comprehensively is a gain and an enrichment for many musicians, too.

The Musicosophia Method, with the help of repeated listening, is based on the natural musical skills of man. Our “tool” is the ear. We do not use notes and hardly any terms of musical theory, but train concentrated listening, inner attention and the recognition of the musical motives and themes. We trace the different moods, recognize the turning points in the flow of the music and open up the architecture of the work. To better “grasp” the music, we draw the melodies with simple lines and follow them with our hands. We call this method melorhythmia.
An impression of the method is conveyed by this somewhat older report of SWR Television Watch the video here

An article of Badische Zeitung is worth reading and describes vividly our method: Read the article here

The Stages of Understanding Music at a Glance:

  • Becoming aware of the first impressions of listening
  • Distinguishing the different moods by humming
  • Discovering the structure of a piece of music
  • Recognizing the context of the musical structure
  • Creating the musical structure with gestures (= melorhythmia)
  • Internalizing the impressions

The lessons are based on selected masterpieces ranging from Gregorian chant to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Modernism.