Musicosophia is an association without profit motive and was founded in 1981.



The members and patrons see as their task:

  • practising the idea of consciously listening to music in study circles
  • to reveal Musicosophia in a wider circle
  • to support the activities and projects of the School in an idealistic and financial way.

Musicosophia is among others member of:
Landesmusikrat Baden-Würtemberg
Piano Podium (Karlsruhe)
Neue Bachgesellschaft (Leipzig)
American Beethoven Society (San José, Californië)

Patrons of musicosophia
Everyone who wants to support musicosophia financially can become a patronizing member. They are invited to join the annual members meeting of musicosophia . Moreover they receive the newsletter “musicosophia-News” of the association.

You can receive further information at:
Phone: +49 (0)7660-581.

Account: 33 081 11, Volksbank Freiburg BLZ 680 900 00
IBAN: DE656809 0000 0003 308111, BIC: GENODE61FR1