The Purpose of the School

Das Anliegen der Schule 0v03
Conscious listening to music is an innate yet underdeveloped kind of musicality. It is as creative as composing and performing music.

The Musicosophia Method is a universal method of listening to music. Thereby, each person can find an immediate access to the music of the great masters, without notes and instruments.
Die Musicosophia-Methode ist eine universelle Hör-Methode. Durch sie kann jeder Mensch einen unmittelbaren Zugang zur Musik der großen Meister finden, ohne Noten und Instrument.

o In our school, we familiarize listeners with their own listening-musicality and help them develop it further. This is just as important for trained musicians as for lay listeners.

o We communicate the Musicosophia Method to all people, regardless of age, gender, education, cultural or social background and world view. Musical knowledge is not required.

o We teach listeners according to their individual skills and needs. Thereby, they learn to encounter music in their own individual way

o Through the Musicosophia Method of Listening, listeners can learn to deal with the emotional processes that are triggered by music.

o The education in our school supports listeners over a longer period of time to develop their newly discovered musicality and to integrate it into their personality.